At PGI, we believe that cyber security doesn’t need to be overly complicated, incomprehensible or vastly expensive.

It is our extraordinary capabilities and the expertise of our cyber security specialists that allow us to deliver straightforward, practical, affordable cyber security services and training that are proportionate to each client’s needs; simple or complex.

Our independence, accreditations and certifications guarantee the highest national and international standards.

In the 2021 SC Awards Europe, PGI was awarded Highly Commended in the ‘Best Security Company’ category.

Our cyber security services

  • Cyber security maturity assessments Read more Read less

    It is not always feasible or necessary for organisations to be fully optimised in every aspect of cyber security. Our maturity model provides recommendations for improving security to a level that appropriately addresses the risks your organisation faces.

    The cyber security maturity model will provide direction for prioritising investment; it will highlight which aspects of your security require the allocation of resources, time and budget. And, equally, it will reveal the areas that are already mature, where current investment is sufficient.

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  • Cyber Essentials certifications Read more Read less

    The Cyber Essentials certifications aim to ensure businesses of all types and sizes understand, and can implement, the most fundamental IT security measures to mitigate risk and keep infrastructure and data secure. The Cyber Essentials (CE) and Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) badges demonstrate that your business has implemented necessary security measures and taken appropriate steps towards minimising risk.

    Our cyber security experts can help you gain your certification.

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  • Penetration testing Read more Read less

    Penetration testing is a method of identifying possible ‘penetration points’; any vulnerabilities or gaps in IT security that could be exploited, leaving your business at greater risk.

    We believe that regular penetration testing is the most effective way for businesses to fix gaps in their IT setup before they become problematic. Our testing options include infrastructure, web application and wireless as well as bespoke requirements.

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  • Cyber Incident Response and response recovery Read more Read less

    Data breaches can and do happen and recovery can be challenging for all organisations, in terms of both time and cost—research suggests that it costs the average large business more than £22,000 to handle a data breach.

    While these breaches are outside of your control, you can control how your business responds to, and recovers from, these events.

    Our experienced team are dedicated to protecting your assets, offering a wide range of response and recovery services that limit disruption.

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  • Digital forensics Read more Read less

    In the event of a computer security investigation, time is paramount. The sooner we are involved the sooner we can secure assets, limit damage and measure extent.

    In situations where a breach has resulted in a civil or criminal court matter, an examination of your digital media and data may be required in order to generate an accurate sequence of events.

    Our team copy, transport, and store your digital data, adhering to strict ACPO Guidelines for Digital Evidence, enabling necessary information to be investigated as required.

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  • GDPR and DPA consultancy Read more Read less

    GDPR consultancy is a professional assessment of your business’ level of compliance, with advice from experienced information security professionals. We advise on how best to ensure you’re not only meeting the regulation now but will continue to meet GDPR criteria in the future. This service helps your business to remain compliant with the complexities of the Data Protection Act 2018, reducing the chance of a data breach.

    At PGI, we understand that all businesses are currently at a different stage of compliance. That’s why we offer both gap analysis and implementation consultancy.

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  • ISO 27001 consultancy Read more Read less

    ISO 27001 is a globally recognised international standard for maintaining a high-performing information security management system (ISMS).

    We work with you to assess what ISO 27001 compliant measures are already in place and then help you develop any documentation and processes which are needed to attain compliance.

    We tailor our ISO 27001 consultancy to each business that we work with, ensuring that any new processes that you choose to implement blend effortlessly with your existing business model. We want ISO 27001 to work for you – not the other way around!

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  • PCI DSS certification Read more Read less

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security requirements endorsed by the five most globally influential payment brands: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discovery, and American Express.

    PGI is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company, authorised by the PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) to assess compliance to the PCI DSS 3.2.1.

    Whether your company is a large multinational corporation or an SME, we can help you meet PCI DSS requirements and guide an you through the whole compliance journey, or just a part of it, depending on your specific needs.

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  • DSPT submissions Read more Read less

    With the day-to-day requirements of an organisation’s information governance and security, there is never a ‘right’ time to prepare for a DSPT submission or audit. PGI’s Information Assurance Consultants can take the burden off your internal team, to enable them to focus on the important ongoing activities that keep your organisation’s information secure.

    We can undertake all or part of your DSPT submission depending on your requirements; from identifying the correct scope to undertaking a gap analysis and then implementing the controls. Once the ‘Standards met’ status as been achieved, we can help your organisation remain compliant, which facilitates submission in future years.

    Our team can also take responsibility for your mandatory audit depending on your organisation profile.

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  • Cyber and information security training Read more Read less

    PGI’s world-class Cyber Training Academy provides the best training in the industry. From large organisations to individuals, our training courses are tailored to your specific needs and are taught either at the academy in Bristol/London or elsewhere depending on your preference.

    Together we can devise an integrated approach that bridges the critical capability gap that threatens your human, physical and digital vulnerabilities.

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PGI’s business development and specialist teams took the time to understand Valtex, enabling them to provide specific support for our specific challenge and requirements where other consultancies had failed to. We also appreciated the quality of the information provided and the straightforward communication that ensured we understood what was happening at every stage.

Head of Risk and Security, Valtex UK

As an IT Company it's good to show our client base that we are serious about cyber security. PGI staff were extremely polite and supportive, answering all the questions we had. Even though the time between initial enquiry and actually starting the project was a bit slow on our end, we were met with patience and understanding.

Managing Director, Bells IT Support Ltd

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