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  • 13-05-2020

    Information security

    Use lockdown to boost your information security career

    Preparing for the next step in your career is easier said than done. CPD and other professional development options are… Read More

  • 27-02-2020

    Data protection

    Simplifying your DSPT submission [Infographic]

    There are steps you can take to reduce that burden and PGI can work with you to help identify what additional accreditat… Read More

  • 03-02-2020

    Data protection

    Two years of GDPR: Clarifying personal data [Infographic]

    The 25th May 2020 will mark the two-year anniversary of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation, al… Read More

  • 29-11-2019

    Data protection

    Changes to the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) for 2019/2020

    Keeping data safe is an ongoing process—once a regulation or process is in place, the body responsible for monitoring co… Read More

  • 06-11-2019

    Information security

    The importance of checking Firewall Rules and PCI DSS

    Requirement 1 in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is largely concerned with firewalls and how they are s… Read More

  • 30-10-2019

    Information security

    Supply chain: Is your security entirely in your hands?

    In this blog post, our Information Assurance team look at what you can do to manage the risk associated with your supply… Read More

  • 11-07-2019

    Information security

    Understanding the NIS Directive (NISD) and how to be compliant [Video]

    In this video, PGI’s Managing Director of Cyber, Brian Lord discusses the basics of the NIS Directive (NISD), the concer… Read More

  • 08-07-2019

    Cyber security

    Information security: The choice between Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001

    We know information security is a complex world – there are a lot of initialisms and controls and often, knowing where t… Read More

  • 02-07-2019

    Information security

    NIS Directive and ISO 27001: The considerations of using your ISO certification as the foundation of your NISD compliance [Whitepaper]

    The EU Network and Information Systems Directive (NISD) was adopted as UK law and came into force in May 2018. Read More

  • 28-05-2019

    Information security

    What is NISD and how it impacts the OES community

    In the 21st Century, many of our essential services—health, transport, energy, water and digital infrastructure in… Read More

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