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PGI provides specialist training for corporations that develop the skills and knowledge of your staff that will result in increased employee satisfaction and revenues. The world is constantly changing, as is the technology and methods used to do business. In this fast paced world your employees need to stay up to date with the latest developments and training. Our training courses are also designed to help teach your employees to stay safe. We provide courses to maximise operational security and protect people and organisations from physical, reputational and operational threats.

Our corporate training courses cover:

PGI provides expert training on helping people to improve their presentation, interpersonal and interviewing techniques.

Our trainers work closely with psychologists who are experts in the field of detecting deceit. In interviews people can omit important information or deceive, this is where our training comes in. We can train you to detect these deceptions and in turn help protect your business.

PGI offers a wide range of courses on handling contacts. We offer training on all aspects of contact handling, advanced case officer courses and can provide one-to-one specialist training.

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