cyber security maturity modelling

Implement security to fit your business

It is not always feasible or necessary for organisations to be fully optimised in every aspect of cyber security. The Maturity Model provides recommendations for improving security to a level that appropriately addresses the risks you face.

What is Cyber Security Maturity Modelling?

The Cyber Security Maturity Model is designed to cover the many cyber security and compliance requirements of your business. It helps you fully understand your organisation’s current security position and where it needs to be, measured against your specific threat profile.

Because cyber threats vary from company to company, sector to sector, there can’t be a one size fits all approach. PGI’s cyber experts help you understand how established your current security measures are, how effectively they would address potential threats, and evaluate whether current maturity levels align with the business’s risk appetite, risk tolerance levels and external governance requirements. This will inform the level and priority of investment necessary to keep your data and reputation safe. We believe that there’s no point allocating excessive budget to something if it’s not required.

It is a valuable tool for ongoing measurement and provides a structure for communicating progress to the rest of the business.

How is cyber security maturity assessed?

Our experts have identified the 15 key business activities which influence the ability to protect an organisation against malign cyber threats. Our consultants undertake an onsite assessment to:

cyber security maturity modelling review


Review your current security measures against compliance requirements and best practice maturity benchmarks.

cyber security maturity modelling understand


Understand the specific risks facing your organisation, which are dictated by the nature of the business and sector.

cyber security maturity modelling evaluate


Evaluate how current maturity levels align with your threat profile and risk appetite and identify areas for improvement.

This assessment—which can take from three to 20 days depending on business size and complexity—includes a detailed report that will clearly show any additional steps needed to meet the maturity levels necessary to achieve your risk management threshold.

Benefits of undertaking a Cyber Security Maturity Model

  • Understand your specific threat profile Read more Read less

    Our consultants will work with you to understand the specific threats your organisation faces, including threat actors and motivations, and compliance requirements.

  • Invest only in what you need Read more Read less

    The Maturity Model will provide direction for prioritising investment. The assessment will highlight which aspects of security require the allocation of resources, time and budget. And, equally, it will reveal the areas that are already mature, where current investment is sufficient.

  • Facilitate a common understanding of good security across the business Read more Read less

    Communication between the technical and non-technical parts of a business can sometimes result in confusion. Our Maturity Model enables all parts of the business to understand where security must be prioritised. From this, actions can be assigned to business functions or departments to improve or enhance security measures.

  • Get the most out of cyber insurance Read more Read less

    Many insurance companies will require an assessment to gauge how mature an organisation’s security measures are. By conducting a cyber security maturity model, you put your organisation in the best possible position to demand the best premium from your insurance provider.

  • Achieve regulatory compliance Read more Read less

    For organisations that operate in a regulatory environment, the cyber security maturity model can also be aligned with the relevant frameworks, enabling compliance to be achieved as part of the wider cyber security strategy, without the need for two separate implementations.

Don’t wait for a breach to identify areas for improvement

Many organisations only undertake a review of their cyber security capabilities if there is a need to do so—usually when a breach has already occurred. However, the inevitable ‘blue-light’ response environment can skew the balanced risk management judgements that the Maturity Model is designed to inform.

Importantly, the cost of a breach in the future—which can often run into the hundreds of thousands—far outweighs the cost of proactively assessing your level of cyber security maturity to reduce the likelihood of a breach.

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Why choose PGI’s Maturity Modelling services?

Every business is different. Size, scope, complexity, structure and sector all impact the security measures required for your level of risk.

We take a bespoke approach to our Maturity Modelling to ensure we understand all aspects of the business we are working with and what you already have in place. We use that as a framework before suggesting the most pragmatic route to achieving compliance.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

We have in-depth experience in supporting a wide range of national and global organisations to identify and implement pragmatic, cost effective solutions to the cyber threat.

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