Effective cyber assurance is a combination of human and technical measures that grow with your organisation. But finding the right internal team to direct and implement any of these measures can be a tough, time-intensive and expensive task.

The benefits of outsourcing cyber security management

  • Access to a full team of information and cyber security experience, without the headcount or recruitment costs.
  • No lengthy recruitment and onboarding process, which means immediate action.
  • Unbiased and vendor independent views of security controls.

In addition, PGI’s Cyber Assurance as a Service provides you with what your organisation needs, not a one-size-fits all solution. Depending upon your cyber maturity, we can offer specific streams of activity that focus on security stakeholder management, foundational security governance, improving an existing framework, or keeping it all compliant. Or, we can do it all!

How PGI can help you manage your cyber security

No organisation is exactly the same, which means a blanket information and cyber security approach is not suitable. Our Cyber Assurance as a Service is a holistic approach that ensures each of our clients is getting the right level and type of support.

  • Virtual CISO Read more Read less

    The CISO function provides strategic direction and an open communication channel to stakeholders, to ensure that cyber security has representation at executive level. Finding the person with the right experience can be time-consuming and expensive. With PGI’s Virtual CISO service option, your organisation benefits from a team’s worth of expertise immediately, not just one expensive individual, to provide security leadership and strategic advice.

  • Gap Assessments Read more Read less

    Understanding the current status of your cyber security is the first key step that a CISO will look to establish, in order to develop a route map for your subsequent actions. Our consultants review your organisation’s current security measures and—taking into account any specific aims or regulatory requirements—provide practical and necessary assistance on where improvement efforts will be needed. Depending upon the size of your company, and its certification ambitions, this can be an assessment against a range of different security baselines (see on the next page for examples).

  • Governance Focus Read more Read less

    A strong cyber security strategy has a strong foundation. PGI’s consultants can help your organisation develop foundational security governance measures that will form the basis of your information security framework. Typical deliverables to establish your information security framework (ISMS), may include, establishing roles and responsibilities, setting up governance forums, undertaking security risk assessments, and developing initial policies.

  • Tune-Up Focus Read more Read less

    Failure to properly embed controls into business processes can result in non-compliance, leading to data breaches and enormous reputational damage. This stream builds upon and improves your ISMS. PGI’s consultants can develop an extended range of policies; progress key processes such as supplier assurance, business continuity, and vulnerability management; provide direction and assistance for addressing specific information assurance concerns, such as data loss prevention, or achieving ISO 27001.

  • Review Focus Read more Read less

    Information and cyber security controls are not ‘set and forget’ and should always be subject to review and continuous improvement. PGI’s experts will help you establish strong compliance processes which includes developing effective metrics reporting, performing internal audits and controls testing to ensure measures continue to be effective and compliant.

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Why outsource your cyber security to PGI

Engaging PGI to manage your cyber security means your organisation has access to the experience of a full team of information security experts, along with the skills of our wider technical team if required.

Without the lengthy recruitment process and head count increase, our team can make an immediate difference to your organisation’s cyber security.

Our Cyber Assurance as a Service is a structured, holistic approach that focuses on getting cyber security controls right, specifically for your organisation and then ensuring continued improvement.

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