Digital threats are steadily increasing in number and sophistication.

A nation’s capability to respond to these threats requires strategies, frameworks and skilled people as well as the technical means to defend their people and infrastructure.

National capability and capacity informs how a nation can mitigate, respond to and recover from threats flexibly and, in the case of mature countries, proactively, strategically, dynamically and efficiently.

The ability to enhance those capabilities continuously is also vital. National capability covers a broad range of considerations, including:

  • Awareness of society at large and whether their levels of digital hygiene are as embedded in a similar way to say, that of brushing our teeth.
  • Education, and the ability for people to have access to cyber security and digital related education, as well as access to professional development.
  • Capability of the criminal justice system to effectively prosecute crime and process electronic evidence.
  • Standardisation of security practices, international standards and international collaboration between countries which all contribute to a nation’s cyber risk management.

How PGI helps governments build capability and capacity

Our portfolio includes national programmes as well as national projects of varied scope and size, spanning Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia, the Pacific and North America.

  • Supporting the development and implementation of strategy

    To ensure the long-term sustainability of a country’s strategic direction, PGI has worked with governments to build national strategic plans with supporting governance frameworks. Past and current projects include undertaking gap analysis (maturity and risk assessment), generating stakeholder buy-in, working with national leads to develop a strategic vision with a supporting implementation plan and designing and building organisations to implement national strategies such as cyber security centres and academies.

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  • Supporting the development of information operation mitigation capability

    The integrity of the information environment is vital for the preservation of democratic process and national security. Tensions caused by information operations frequently cause real-world harm and lead to the erosion of trust in the very systems and institutions designed to protect democracy. Driven by PGI’s open-source intelligence specialists, we help our clients build the capability required to understand, map, attribute and counter information operations.



  • Creating national awareness and building a cyber security culture

    Embedding an understanding of digital threats across society at large is an important aspect of a country’s capacity. PGI has worked with governments to create national campaigns and more targeted executive awareness campaigns to increase national awareness.


    PGI has also provided support for countries in building cyber security communities and national and international networks. Past and current projects include the UK-Gulf Women in Cyber Fellowship and the African Cyber Fellowship.



  • Skills development

    Technology is only as useful as the people wielding it. That’s why many governments have sought out PGI to support the development of their people. Current and past projects include the development of national workforce frameworks and learning models, bespoke training programmes, informed through comprehensive training needs analysis and the design and build of national academies and skills training centres.

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  • Cyber security standards and technical considerations

    In addition to helping countries identify their strategic direction, PGI’s experts have helped governments embed key standards and frameworks into their vital industries, such as CE/CE+, ISO, NIST, and NISD and other international models.



  • Building Incident Response capability

    Technical experts from PGI’s team have supported governments in building cyber Incident Response teams and enabling the preservation of electronic evidence for the prosecution of crime. Past and current projects include building sustainable Incident Response training capability in Malaysia and a Commonwealth-wide Incident Response capability building programme.

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Why work with PGI?

Our focus is on information, the digital environment and how to strengthen it. Through our capacity building practice we have established approaches to help governments and countries enhance their capabilities, as well as develop local communities to strengthen the information environment and the integrity of democratic processes, and contribute to the global combat of abuse, terrorism, extremism and mis/disinformation online.

PGI’s leadership team includes world-recognised thought leading experts in these subject matter areas and PGI has been selected by the UK Government to support governments around the globe.

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