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PGI’s Geopolitical Risk Portal provides insights and analysis across geopolitical activity impacting security and business risks, enabling our subscribers to make informed decisions.

From supply chain to market entry to ongoing operations, geopolitical activity can impact your organisation both positively and negatively. That’s why it is important to always have your finger on the pulse of global events and trends. Our geopolitical Intelligence team simplifies this process for you; they track geopolitical uncertainty, global events and expert insights, all published via the Portal’s easy to use interface.

Using actionable intelligence

Access to the Portal enables your organisation to:

  • Easily identify the security, travel and political risks that pose a threat to your business interests, facilitating more accurate project planning and budgeting.
  • Gain in-depth understanding of an individual country’s changing threat environment to inform risk management processes.
  • Monitor specific areas of interest with geo-tagged incidents and heat maps to highlight security, business and maritime threats and support operational forecasting.
  • Easily create high-quality customisable reports that can be used for staff and executive briefings.
  • Present information graphically to facilitate trend tracking and visual reporting.

The Geopolitical Risk Portal delivers high-quality, actionable intelligence and analysis that can be used to inform your business risk management, decision-making, planning and crisis response activities.

The benefits of a Risk Portal subscription

  • In-depth understanding of the risks you face

    Making sense of how an emergent situation, or even an ongoing one, can impact your operations requires a range of intelligence skills and sources. Our team of regional and industry specialists use their in-depth knowledge and experience to add the all-important context, that turns information into intelligence you can use meaningfully. From incident reports to in-depth insights, PGI’s Geopolitical Intelligence team combine ground level reporting with strategic level assessments, so you have access to intelligence you can action.

  • Bespoke intelligence and reporting to streamline your processes

    Whether you’re looking at expanding your operations to a new region or you’re keeping an eye on the areas in which you’re already established, the Risk Portal enables clients to customise data by time, threat category, target and incident type, so you only see what you need to see. Daily emails show a snapshot of the latest recorded incidents, while weekly briefings provide advice on issues that could affect company operations in the coming days/weeks.

  • Access to an expert team

    Consider the Risk Portal as an extra team member—to be used as and when needed—Our Intelligence experts can also be on hand to offer that extra level of support or understanding of growing threats. They combine qualitative and quantitative approaches with data gathered from human sources and open-source research.

Key Portal features

  • Daily intelligence emails and incident reports Read more Read less

    Keep up-to-date with:

    • Activity across the globe with our daily incident reports and weekly summaries of key global events.
    • Access to our searchable news archive and filtering of geolocated incidents according to time, threat category, target and incident type.
  • Interactive risk map Read more Read less

    Choose between two map styles:

    • Incident: Hover over your region of choice to receive real-time news and customise the map filter for archived threat updates.
    • Threat: View regions via countries overall thread score or delve deeper into on of the 11 threat categories.
  • Generate in-depth country profiles Read more Read less

    Create instant, customisable versions of our detailed country profiles to save as a PDF or print as a high-quality report. To help you make decisions, each report includes an executive summary, security and business threat content, and a list of the 10 most recent incidents recorded on the Risk Portal.

Why choose PGI’s Risk Portal

To support organisations in making difficult decisions, our multi-lingual team of intelligence analysts are constantly monitoring global activity to distil and simplify the key facts, which are then published on the Geopolitical Risk Portal. We provide comprehensive daily coverage of major incidents, including case increases, travel bans and border closures via easy-to-read daily briefs tailored to your organisation’s areas of focus, such as specific geographies and risks.

The Risk Portal is a comprehensive source of trusted and regularly updated information. We can set you up with a free extended trial so you can make use of the benefits immediately.

Please send us an email and we can set up your trial today: 


  • The interactive map makes it easy to analyse any threat changes in our monitoring regions, the daily email updates minimise my need to even log on in most cases and the report builder saves me so much time. Would highly recommend, it’s like having an extra member of my team.

    Director of Operations
    Energy Sector, Super Major



  • An essential tool for keeping your people and assets safe in unfamiliar environments.

    Senior Consultant
    Risk Managment Industry

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