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Organisations with global footprints are required to navigate a complex geopolitical landscape. To keep people and assets safe and ensure uninterrupted operations, understanding that landscape is vital. However, just having information about an incident or being aware of an upcoming event isn’t enough. Decision makers must fully understand the nuances of developments with actionable intelligence to enable short- and long-term business planning.

Our concise reporting unpacks complex developments to give you a full understanding of geopolitical developments and emerging trends. With a succinct writing style that gives readers quick access to the information you want.

From criminal activity to public health issues, our intelligence analysts are keeping track of the geopolitical developments that matter most to our clients. They use our services to stay abreast of issues that could impact business operations.

Our most popular geopolitical intelligence offerings:

  • Geopolitical risk monitoring Read more Read less

    Comprehensive monitoring of physical security and regulatory challenges facing business operations in any country and globally.

    Reporting focuses on both incident analysis and trend monitoring, providing forward looking assessments to facilitate proactive risk management decision making and asset protection. Examples of key challenges covered include:

    • Supply chain risk
    • Tracking of ongoing unrest
    • Infrastructural weaknesses
    • Militant activity

    Our reporting is highly bespoke, with scope, structure, delivery frequency and format tailored to client preference. We have expertise in providing risk monitoring to a wide range of sectors, including technology, ports, logistics, aviation, media, accreditation, finance and extractives companies.

    Using the latest OSINT research techniques—including in depth social media research—we can provide insights on city and neighbourhood-level data where required.

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  • Travel threat assessments Read more Read less

    Rapidly produced reports assessing physical risks posed to employees during travel.

    Travel Threat Assessments cover any threats likely to be encountered while employees are in transit or abroad, including:

    • Threats from armed groups
    • Security forces
    • Protests
    • UXO
    • Road safety along with other travel challenges

    Our reporting provides vital support to security teams supporting journalists, NGOs, site inspectors, and other employees conducting visits to high-risk areas. It can include route analysis or general travel threat area assessments depending on client preferences.

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  • Political risk analysis Read more Read less

    Dedicated political risk analysis providing insights on political developments to mitigate threats to business continuity.

    Our reporting can include assessments of government policy making, stakeholder analysis and trends in public opinion to provide advanced warning of regulatory changes, including:

    • Government and local authority policy
    • Taxation
    • Environmental legislation

    Our reporting can include stakeholder analysis and tailored sector specific risk analysis, and can take the form of market entry assessments as well as ongoing monitoring.

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  • Scenario risk analysis Read more Read less

    Scenario risk analysis plots out various geopolitical scenarios by likelihood to support long-term risk forecasting.

    The analysis can support client scenario planning exercises and horizon scanning with analysis covering a range of focuses, including key elections, protest movements and political uncertainty.

    Our tailored approach includes delivering:

    • An assessment of most likely scenarios
    • Key triggers
    • Indicators of changing developments

    As with all our bespoke risk reporting options, we ensure that we focus on client sectors and locations to provide key insights affecting operational risk.

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  • Hostile entity monitoring Read more Read less

    Monitoring of hostile entities that may pose a risk to assets or staff, such as militant, criminal or rebel groups.

    Reporting can include both regular assessments and alerting in the event of significant developments. Our capabilities include comprehensive monitoring of groups’ online presence and activity, including mentions of sectors or specific nationalities and changes in rhetoric. Our specialists can also provide a detailed analysis of a group’s physical presence and capabilities in order to deliver a full understanding of the capabilities and intent.

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Why choose PGI

PGI’s Intelligence team is made up of a diverse group of professionals who are highly skilled at discreet information gathering, analysis and reporting. Their in-depth understanding of a range of industries enable them to provide the context around information that turns it into actionable intelligence.

We understand that every client and every business has different needs and goals. That’s why we don’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach; every project we undertake is bespoke to ensure we achieve the short-, medium- and long-term goals our clients are aiming for.

While we’re based in the UK, our team have worked with organisations all over the world to help them make sound business decisions—our Analysts speak 16 languages and have a trusted network of in-country associates who each complement our world-class analysis and quality assurance procedures.

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