corporate intelligence and investigations

Every day, companies are entering markets, expanding to new countries or undertaking partnerships or acquisitions. These activities are high risk and, whatever the result, will significantly impact operations, reputation and revenue. That’s why going in blind is not an option; intelligence gathering, whether due diligence checks or bespoke investigations, is an investment that can help you manage risk and provide vital oversight on complex matters.

We have a proven track record of providing critical intelligence which allows our clients to shield their organisations from harm and support strategic decision-making. Whether you require a nuanced understanding of competitors in a new market or to better understand the background of a potential business associate, our analysts will produce actionable intelligence which is sector specific and accounts for your risk appetite and threat profile.

We pride ourselves on providing the intelligence that our clients need. Reporting is tailored to your requirements and can scale from succinct briefings to more detailed assessments.

Our Intelligence team have worked with some of the world’s biggest corporations to provide the information needed to make sound business decisions.

Our key investigation and corporate intelligence services, include:

  • Complex investigations Read more Read less

    Our experienced team can undertake discreet and in-depth investigations to support clients on highly-sensitive issues. From exposing blackmail to bribery in the supply chain, we can provide factfinding and analysis that can help to limit reputational damage and disruption to operations.

  • Due diligence Read more Read less

    When considering new opportunities, a risk-based approach to compliance can help you avoid unwelcome surprises. Conducting due diligence is key to minimising risks for any major business decision related to new hires, clients, business partners or other third parties.

    We offer a range of services to provide decisionmakers with the intelligence they need, providing clarity on issues such as professional reputation, integrity, affiliations and solvency. Our analysts can screen individuals and entities to your requirements, scaling from a high-level overview to in-depth investigative reporting. We also provide vetting and background checks to assist with recruitment.

  • Corporate intelligence Read more Read less

    If you’re planning to expand your operations into a new market or territory, having a deep understanding of the business landscape and potential risks is key to a successful endeavour.

    Our corporate intelligence team can help your organisation identify:

    • Commercial opportunities and new markets.
    • Trends and risks in specific industries/sectors.
    • Key competitors for analysis.
    • Strategic insights on future commercial growth.
  • Pre-emptive intelligence Read more Read less

    The pace of change in the business world means that it is difficult to keep track of every possible issue that might significantly impact your organisation’s operations, from a new competitor entering the market to major technological changes.

    We can take on this process for you and keep you informed of new challenges that might impact your operations, providing oversight and allowing you to be responsive. Our forecasting and monitoring services are undertaken by experienced analysts who can provide all-important geopolitical and sector-specific context.

  • Online hostile threat reconnaissance Read more Read less

    Digital crime and cyberattacks—including identify theft, blackmail and corporate espionage—are on the rise and now pose one of the greatest threats to both reputation and bottom line. As part of a reputation management strategy, it is important to understand your personal digital footprint in order to manage the risk to your organisation and people.

    PGI’s Online Hostility Reconnaissance service is designed to put you back in control of your online footprint and reputation. By using a combination of intelligence and cyber resources, our analysts will be able to establish a comprehensive picture of how the public profile of an organisation or a high-profile person may be at risk.

    Our analysts identify physical, human or cyber vulnerabilities to individuals and companies based on the same open-source material—including the dark web—available to competitors, terrorists, activists and hackers. This investigation will culminate in a report which summarises the threats and recommended remedial actions in seven key areas:

    • Social media
    • Business transactions
    • Press reporting
    • Personal security details
    • Personal location information
    • Pattern of life
    • Familiar vulnerabilities

    It can take just a few minutes to damage a reputation that has taken years to build. Understanding the threats specific to you can help you mitigate the risk.

Why choose PGI

PGI’s Intelligence team is made up of a diverse group of professionals who are highly skilled at discreet information gathering, analysis and reporting. Their in-depth understanding of a range of industries enable them to provide the context around information that turns it into actionable intelligence.

We understand that every client and every business has different needs and goals. That’s why we don’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach; every project we undertake is bespoke to ensure we achieve the short-, medium- and long-term goals our clients are aiming for.

While we’re based in the UK, our team have worked with organisations all over the world to help them make sound business decisions—our Analysts speak 16 languages and have a trusted network of in-country associates who each complement our world-class analysis and quality assurance procedures.

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