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Every day, companies are entering markets, expanding to new countries or undertaking partnerships or acquisitions. These activities are high risk and, whatever the result, will significantly impact operations, reputation and revenue. That’s why going in blind is not an option; intelligence gathering, whether due diligence checks or bespoke investigations, is an investment that can help you manage risk and provide vital oversight on complex matters.

We have a proven track record of providing critical intelligence which allows our clients to shield their organisations from harm and support strategic decision-making. Whether you require a nuanced understanding of competitors in a new market or to better understand the background of a potential business associate, our analysts will produce actionable intelligence which is sector specific and accounts for your risk appetite and threat profile.

We pride ourselves on providing the intelligence that our clients need. Reporting is tailored to your requirements and can scale from succinct briefings to more detailed assessments.

Our Intelligence team have worked with some of the world’s biggest corporations to provide the information needed to make sound business decisions.

Our key investigation and corporate intelligence services, include:

  • Due diligence Read more Read less

    Making informed decisions when considering new opportunities or investments is always difficult – but when faced with limited, incomplete and irrelevant information, the risks of a major misstep or unwelcome surprise increase. Conducting due diligence is key to minimising these risks for any major business decision related to new hires, clients, business partners or other third parties; but often organisations find that their provider has failed to understand the nuances of a particular market or—through a lack of understanding—failed to provide vital intelligence.

    PGI’s geopolitical knowledge is the foundation of our investigations; we combine this with unique open source and social media intelligence, and a cultivated, on-the-ground network to provide decision-makers with the intelligence and detail they need, without missing vital issues specific to your organisation. This is not an off-the-shelf approach. We offer a range of services to provide clarity on issues such as professional reputation, integrity, affiliations and solvency. Our analysts can screen and vet individuals or entities to your requirements, scaling from high-level overviews to in-depth investigative reporting of individuals and connected entities.

    We remain at the forefront of the sector in the delivery of due diligence, pioneering the use and implementation of human rights and sustainable due diligence for organisations ahead of expected legislation – supporting our clients to proactively ready themselves way ahead of time and protect themselves from disruptive changes.

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  • Competitor analysis Read more Read less

    Knowing where your company sits within the market enables you to make informed decisions about products and growth you can place yourself in a position of strength. We help our clients proactively feed their business strategies with competitor strengths and weaknesses, with insights into a wide range of areas, including:

    • Competitor services/products and pricing
    • Competitor market share and USPs
    • Competitor interest in research and development
    • Competitor company structure
    • Competitor market expansion or local collaboration

    The analysis we deliver is tailored around your specific focus, to avoid the excess data that can crowd out the key pain points of your competitors; allowing you to successfully benchmark your market position. This can be delivered as a one-off request, but many of our clients like regular updates (such as monthly or quarterly) to ensure they can consistently remain ahead of the game.

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  • Market entry and supply chain assessment Read more Read less

    No market is the same and without a local or geopolitical understanding, organisations often overlook the complexities and nuances. A vital part of managing the risks when your company has limited experience in a particular market is to lean on an team who have extensive on-the-ground expertise. This is how PGI supports clients, particularly in difficult regions of the world.

    PGI’s analysts can cover a range of perspectives in these reports, including:

    • Business focused risks, such as local competitors, the regulatory environment, the economic situation, and insights into your sector.
    • General country or localised knowledge, such as the current and near future political situation, infrastructure, violence and crime rates, cultural expectations, medical facilities and weather conditions.

    Similarly, our supply chain assessments can help your company understand where the goods, labour and other suppliers used within your wider supply chain, or products, come from and whether there are any causes for concern—such as corruption, modern slavery, counterfeit goods, child labour, organised crime, environmental damage and human rights abuse. These investigations also track relevant legislation to make sure compliance is maintained in the face of changes. We can investigate single suppliers, whole sectors or specific countries and regions to prevent potentially destructive forces impacting your ability to operate.

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  • Online hostile threat reconnaissance Read more Read less

    As part of a reputation management strategy, it is important to understand your personal digital footprint. By using open source intelligence sources, our analysts will be able to establish a comprehensive picture of how the public profile of an organisation or a high-profile person may be at risk.

    Our analysts identify physical, human or cyber vulnerabilities to individuals and companies based on the same open source material—including the dark web—available to competitors, terrorists, activists and hackers. This investigation will culminate in a report which summarises the threats and recommended remedial actions in seven key areas:

    • Social media
    • Business transactions
    • Press reporting
    • Personal security details
    • Personal location information
    • Pattern of life
    • Familiar vulnerabilities

    It can take just a few minutes to damage a reputation that has taken years to build. Understanding the threats specific to you can help you mitigate the risk.

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  • Regulatory and sector analysis Read more Read less

    Gaining an in-depth understanding of a specific sector is vital for companies wishing to make informed decisions around expansion or procurement, especially in difficult markets facing unique problems. This deep-dive into relevant sectors enables us to highlight and benchmark key players, evaluate the current and future regulatory environment. and identify where states or local actors may leverage control (both new and in place); all of which could ultimately impact your business.

    Our unique capacity to blend our geopolitical knowledge with our open source and social media intelligence means we offer unrivalled support for our clients to assess their positioning with the markets and sectors of their focus.

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  • Reputational risk Read more Read less

    No organisation is free from the impact of social media, both positive and negative. In the event of negative backlash, PGI’s social media intelligence experts help our clients manage and monitor this online and in the media to reclaim the narrative – whether individual targeting or a large-scale operational threat. Understanding the all-important facts around what is being said, by who, for what reason and how the media is reacting is a major element of responding to a reputational crisis.

    Our unrivalled expertise across all platforms, major or otherwise, mixed with localised cultural understanding and strong language capabilities enable our social media intelligence analysts to unpack and evaluate threats regardless of their sources of origin.

    Through either one-off reports or ongoing short- or long-term monitoring, PGI is uniquely placed to support organisations manage malicious actors that often come thick and fast to destroy a well-built reputation.

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Why choose PGI

PGI’s Intelligence team is made up of a diverse group of professionals who are highly skilled at discreet information gathering, analysis and reporting. Their in-depth understanding of a range of industries enable them to provide the context around information that turns it into actionable intelligence.

We understand that every client and every business has different needs and goals. That’s why we don’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach; every project we undertake is bespoke to ensure we achieve the short-, medium- and long-term goals our clients are aiming for.

While we’re based in the UK, our team have worked with organisations all over the world to help them make sound business decisions—our Analysts speak 16 languages and have a trusted network of in-country associates who each complement our world-class analysis and quality assurance procedures.

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