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About IT Health Check

What is an IT Health Check?

An IT Health Check is an annual assessment required for public sector organisations using the government’s Public Services Network (PSN). It examines all aspects of IT security to ensure that any weaknesses and vulnerabilities are identified and managed. It has a special focus on security or operational flaws that could potentially create unauthorised access points to the network and place the integrity of the PSN at risk – intentionally or unintentionally.

IT Health Check certification has been primarily designed as a method of maintaining high levels of security for businesses tasked with storing, handling, and managing particularly sensitive data relating to the public sector. This includes government bodies, educational establishments, healthcare, and more.

Pen testing benefits

Benefits of an IT Health Check

This government-mandated IT Health Check provides a comprehensive overview of IT safety and security, highlighting room for improvement.

IT Health Check is tailored to individual businesses depending on scope, but typically looks at:

Advanced Functionality

Internal and external
network security

Risk Management

Wireless network


Security of web applications and servers


Existing configurations


Mobile device management


Security controls, protocols, and processes

Ultimately, the IT Health Check is a mandatory requirement for any central or local government body or public sector organisation needing to use the PSN.

Is a IT Health Check right for you?

Is the IT Health Check right for you?

Public sector requirement

infrastructure testing

If you operate within the public sector, it is a mandatory requirement to have an independent risk assessment undertaken through an IT Health Check.

Organisations will only be granted access to the PSN once they have an IT Health Check certification (renewed annually) by an approved, recognised assessor, such as PGI.

Meet necessary criteria

desktop testing

At PGI, we ensure that our IT Health Check reports meet the criteria for certification, covering aspects such as type and severity of issues identified, full explanation of vulnerabilities present, and recommendations for effective remedial solutions that can be implemented.

Be compliant

wifi testing

An IT Health Check aims to ensure compliance, but also provides organisations with an opportunity to undertake a tailored risk assessment for total reassurance that their networks are safe, secure, and difficult to infiltrate.


Why choose PGI?

At PGI, we’re able to view your IT setup from an alternative perspective. With years of experience in the field of security and IT management, our team have gained a unique insight into the opportunities that attackers are looking for and which aspects of your system they view as a possible weakness.

We understand the most effective ways to simulate a real hacking scenario, without negative impact on your system, allowing us to highlight problem areas, and work with you to identify the most suitable solutions.

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