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About ISO 27001 Risk assessment

Why are ISO 27001 Risk Assessments important?

ISO 27001 certification can be a tricky area to navigate as there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to the safe and secure handling of information.

There are many aspects that determine the scope of an information security management system (ISMS). To achieve ISO 27001, businesses will need to provide solid evidence that any risks that pose a threat to their own ISMS are addressed and effectively managed.

What is an ISO Risk Assessment?

An ISO Risk Assessment determines what risks are relevant to each organisation. While nobody knows your business better than you do, assessing risk in relation to an ISMS, and in relation to ISO 27001 certification, can be challenging as there are many different areas that are examined as part of the audit. These areas include:

Advanced Functionality

Access to information, both digitally and through physical means

Risk Management

Security measures, such as firewalls and encryption


Employee awareness of risk factors and appropriate staff training


Internal procedures and processes


Benefits of an ISO Risk Assessment

At PGI, we ensure that each ISO Risk Assessment that we carry out is tailored to the individual business. This allows us to highlight the specific risks relevant to your business. Through this personalised assessment and comprehensive report, organisations are able to produce the necessary documents required for ISO 27001 certification, including risk treatment plans (RTPs) which demonstrate how risk has been addressed, and statement of applicability (SOA) reports outlining relevant risk factors.


Is an ISO 27001 Risk Assessment right for you?

Assistance in identifying the solution

infrastructure testing

While many businesses are able to understand the potential information security risks within their organisation, it can often be much trickier to identify the most effective solutions to these problems.

Assess risks and achieve certification

desktop testing

This is an essential requirement for ISO 27001 certification. If you are considering working towards ISO 27001, it is highly recommended that you begin with a thorough risk assessment.

This will ensure that your hard work and efforts towards achieving certification are being built upon a solid foundation.


Why choose PGI?

PGI is a leading choice for ISO 27001 consultancy and implementation, and we’re proud to have a strong team of dedicated ISO 27001 professionals with years of experience in information security management.

What makes us different? We tailor our ISO 27001 consultancy to each business that we work with, ensuring that any new processes that you choose to implement blend effortlessly with your existing business model. We want ISO 27001 to work for you – not the other way around!

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