ISO 27001 Gap Analysis

Understand where you need to concentrate
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About ISO 27001

What is an ISO Gap Analysis?

An ISO Gap Analysis is a professional assessment undertaken between stage 1 and stage 2 of the ISO 27001 audit process. It is designed to help businesses understand the best ways to improve and streamline their own internal information security management system (ISMS) to ensure that ISO 27001 requirements are met. It is a highly effective and proven technique used to highlight areas for improvement prior to a formal audit.

An increasing number of businesses are choosing to obtain an ISO 27001 certification due to its many benefits it brings. These benefits include confidence that the most effective measures are being taken to protect valuable data, peace of mind that risk of data loss is significantly reduced, and an ability to demonstrate a full and ongoing commitment to information security to all clients and shareholders.

About ISO 27001 Gap Analysis benefits

Benefits of an ISO Gap Analysis

Address weaknesses before your audit

The primary benefit of an ISO Gap Analysis is that it bridges the gap between stage 1 and stage 2 of the ISO 27001 audit. It is designed to ensure that any ISMS weaknesses identified in stage 1 have been appropriately addressed, and helps businesses to thoroughly prepare for stage 2 and the certification process.

Daily Intelligence Reports

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Gain confidence in the certification process

It is a unique opportunity for businesses to ask questions, learn more about the audit, and fully utilise the expertise of the PGI team before meeting with the auditor. Ultimately, it gives peace of mind that the most effective processes are in place, and that certification requirements have been met.

Is an ISO Gap Analysis right for you?

Is an ISO Gap Analysis right for you?

Assistance with your ISMS

infrastructure testing

Businesses are advised to undertake an ISO Gap Analysis assessment if they are on the road to ISO 27001 certification, but require additional assistance in determining ongoing weaknesses in their ISMS.

Planning an effective solution

desktop testing

The ISO Gap Analysis will also provide guidance in transferring effective solutions from theory to practice.

Gain recognition and trust

wifi testing

While ISO 27001 certification is not mandatory for many businesses, as an internationally recognised accreditation it is highly recommended.


Why choose PGI?

PGI is a leading choice for ISO 27001 consultancy and implementation, and we’re proud to have a strong team of dedicated ISO 27001 professionals with years of experience in information security management.

What makes us different? We tailor our ISO 27001 consultancy to each business that we work with, ensuring that any new processes that you choose to implement blend effortlessly with your existing business model. We want ISO 27001 to work for you – not the other way around!

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