Digital Forensic Services

What is Digital Forensics?

In the event of a computer security investigation, a vital part of the response process is making a copy of your data for safe forensic analysis.

The evidence is safely copied, transported and stored in a secure environment, where digital analysis can then begin.

PGI adhere to using ACPO Guidelines for Digital Evidence where possible, in preparation for court-ready presentation of findings.


Why do we need Digital Forensics?

In order to correctly investigate an incident, a copy of the digital media needs to be made. This will allow us to map a sequence of events that have lead to a security breach.

PGI can identify certain pieces of information that are stored on a device, which could be crucial to build a narrative to support a case.

Digital Forensics examples

PGI has digital forensics expertise backgrounds from law enforcement,
intelligence and defence sectors and have provided this service for our customers to support various types of investigations, such as:

  • Computer security incidents
  • Assisting law enforcement
  • Fraud
  • Accidental system damage recovery
  • Data recovery
  • Corporate data loss
  • IP theft
  • Malware identification
  • Insider threat

Product & Pricing

(Please note, all prices are exclusive of VAT)

Price Inclusive
Starting from £770
per consultant, per day
  Forensic evidence recovery

   Digital Media investigaton

   Full and detailed analytic reporting

PGI are dedicated to improving the cyber security environment and believe every business should have access to quality services to support this. Therefore, we have adopted a pricing strategy to demonstrate our commitment to providing high quality services, delivered at reasonable prices.

We believe In pricing regimes that don’t deter and discourage small (and large) businesses from protecting themselves.

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