What is infrastructure testing?

We offer infrastructure testing as part of our penetration testing services. It aims to identify weaknesses across your IT infrastructure that could expose you to risk.

Dedicated infrastructure testing looks at your IT system as a whole, including both hardware and software, to assess existing security measures and highlight areas for improvement. PGI’s experienced consultants use industry leading methodologies to identify any potential vulnerabilities that could provide a gateway into your systems, as well as remediation advice for helping you to address them, before they can be exploited.

At PGI, we offer a comprehensive service, ensuring that every aspect of your IT environment is secure and protected.

Types of infrastructure testing

As part of our infrastructure testing services we offer:

External infrastructure testing: Encompasses all of the public-facing aspects of your infrastructure, such as your company website or customer portals.

Internal infrastructure testing: We search for security flaws in your internal network that could be exploited by a malicious insider or by accident.

Cloud infrastructure testing: With the cloud becoming an increasingly important part of IT infrastructure, we look at the weaknesses that exist within your environment.

Wireless infrastructure testing: Assessing the security of the wireless infrastructure to ensure its security from external threats as well as correct segregation, such as corporate and guest Wi-Fi.

Benefits of infrastructure testing

At a time when businesses are relying on their IT infrastructure for day-to-day operations, ensuring that both hardware and software are safe and secure has never been more important. Both internal and external risks to IT infrastructure exist so dedicated infrastructure testing as part of your business’ penetration testing assessment is one of the most effective ways to mitigate these risks.

At PGI, we don’t just assess your risk, we help you to significantly reduce it by offering expert recommendations for IT infrastructure improvement. Our advice is tailored to each individual business, ensuring you have the information you need to secure your IT infrastructure in the best possible way.

Is infrastructure testing right for your organisation?

  • Assessing the full picture Read more Read less

    It is highly recommended that as part of a holistic, overall security assessment, dedicated infrastructure testing is included. This aspect of testing provides visibility of your overall security posture and raises awareness of the risks and vulnerabilities that are currently carried by the organisation.

  • Protection all round Read more Read less

    With the average business IT infrastructure comprising many different pieces of hardware and software, just a single security flaw could have massive consequences for the whole system, potentially affecting operations.

  • Expert support from PGI Read more Read less

    We believe that identifying these flaws before they can be exploited is key to maintaining a solid, secure IT infrastructure.

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At PGI, we’re able to view your IT setup from an alternative perspective. With years of experience in the field of security and IT management, our team have gained a unique insight into the opportunities that attackers are looking for and which aspects of your system they view as a possible weakness.

We use the most effective methods to identify vulnerabilities without disrupting operations, allowing us to highlight problem areas and work with you to identify the most suitable solutions.

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