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  • 19-02-2020

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Yemen – February 2020

    Yemen has seen a wave of renewed violence between Houthi rebels and the Saudi-led coalition, which is allied with the co… Read More

  • 11-09-2019

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Yemen – Houthis, jihadists to benefit as anti-Houthi coalition fragments

    Recent fighting in southern Yemen has exposed deep divisions between southern separatists and Hadi’s government that are… Read More

  • 08-12-2017

    Geopolitical Risk

    PGI INSIGHT: Somalia/Yemen – Volatile onshore security conditions, troop withdrawal to fuel piracy

    The increased threat of piracy off Somalia and Yemen since the Aris 13 hijacking in March is set to continue due to heig… Read More

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