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  • 11-09-2019

    - In-depth insight - Intelligence

    PGI INSIGHT: Yemen – Houthis, jihadists to benefit as anti-Houthi coa...

    Recent fighting in southern Yemen has exposed deep divisions between southern separatists and Hadi’s government that are… Read More

  • 06-09-2019

    - In-depth insight - Intelligence

    PGI INSIGHT: Egypt – Stellar economic headlines mask enduring risks

    Recent headlines painting Egypt as an economic success story fail to take account of the enduring structural flaws fuell… Read More

  • 02-09-2019

    - News - Training

    MEDIA RELEASE: PGI partners with Qatar University to develop cyber training...

    Protection Group International yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Qatar University College of Engineeri… Read More

  • 30-08-2019

    - In-depth insight - Intelligence

    PGI INSIGHT: UAE seeks better ties with Iran in bid to contain escalating G...

    Since May, Iran has pursued a confrontational approach in the Persian Gulf. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (I… Read More

  • 27-08-2019

    - Cyber security - Penetration testing

    How your IT department can get the most out of penetration testing

    When arriving on site to undertake penetration testing, one very quickly gets a sense of how the local IT staff work. So… Read More

  • 19-08-2019

    - In-depth insight - Intelligence

    PGI INSIGHT: UK – Uncertainty around Brexit likely to result in snap ...

    The current Brexit withdrawal bill, including the Irish backstop, remains deeply unpopular, complicating negotiations be… Read More

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