PGI’s OSINT course accredited as GCHQ Certified Training

10 Jan 2017

PGIâs OSINT course accredited as GCHQ Certified Training


PGI is delighted to announce that its Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) course has been accredited as GCHQ Certified Training.

What is OSINT?

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence derived from publicly available information. Essentially, we all do it. Whether it’s looking for the best price for a holiday or carrying out due diligence on a company we all carry out research in various ways.

Why Should You Take the OSINT Course?

What the OSINT course gives you the knowledge to carrying out OSINT in a more structured and efficient way to ensure that your research is as thorough as possible. The course is very useful for anyone that carries out research on a daily basis. Journalists, security professionals, sales people etc…

Basically if you work in any type of research or investigative role the OSINT course is for you.

The course takes the client back to 1st principles.  It explains what OSINT actually is, the diverse range of sources both traditional (Newspapers / web pages / etc.) and non-traditional (metadata / GPS locations, web page registration details / IP address / etc.), their strengths and weaknesses and often more importantly what factors should be taken into account to judge the veracity of the information. 

The course also shows different ways in which a graphical representation of data can give insights into often complex and apparently unconnected information.

Exceptional Trainers

PGI’s GCHQ accredited trainers will give you a thorough understanding of all things OSINT, its strengths and weaknesses as well as how to avoid the common pitfalls you may face when using OSINT operationally. The course delivers un-scripted exercises throughout to give every delegate hands on experience.

PGI’s trainers all have significant Government, Military and commercial OSINT experience and can deliver the course anywhere in the world. The course can also be tailored to your specific needs to give you training that is most relevant to you.  The course is 3 days but can be extended if necessary as per your requirements.

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