PGI’s FREE Let’s Talk Cyber Event 2016 will showcase demos educating businesses on Ransomware, Spear Phishing and Penetration Testing

18 Oct 2016

PGIâs FREE Letâs Talk Cyber Event 2016 will showcase demos educating businesses on Ransomware, Spear Phishing and Penetration Testing

At our Let’s Talk Cyber 2016 event due to be held on October 27th our cyber specialists will be holding a range of technical demonstrations throughout the day.

Let’s Talk Cyber 2016

To tackle the increasing cyber threat to SMEs, businesses first need to assess any weaknesses and gaps in their technical security before devising an effective strategy to address these risks.

The best way to assess an organisations systems and networks is to have them penetration tested. A penetration test gives a comprehensive view of what needs to be done to protect systems from the ever changing cyber threat. By exposing any gaps in security, a penetration tester can then recommend how to reduce these vulnerabilities

Website Hacking Demo

PGI’s cyber specialist will demonstrate a web application pen test to show how websites can be hacked, the data which can be extracted and will explain, in layman terms, common vulnerabilities and how easily they can be fixed in

Spear Phishing Demo

As well as demonstrating Penetration Testing, our experts will also deliver demos on Spear Phishing in order to explain what it is, how it’s done and what it can achieve. As Spear Phishing is often the first step hackers use to launch a cyber-attack, this demo will provide invaluable information about how the attack works and will show attendees ways in which you can guard against it.

Ransomware Demo

With 54% of UK companies being hit by ransomware in 2016 so far the threat posed by this malware is very real. To increase awareness of it we will be holding a Ransomware demo to show what it looks like, how it works and how you can detect and defend against it.

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