PGI Cyber Academy Courses are the first to be certified by the UK Government

19 May 2015

PGI Cyber Academy Courses are the first to be cert...

Protection Group International, the British Risk Management and Security firm, welcomed the UK Government’s announcement that three of its Cyber Academy’s courses are amongst the first to be certified by GCHQ, the UK’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance, and APM Group under the Certified Cyber Training (GCT) scheme. The courses are taught in PGI’s Cyber Academy in Bristol – a world-leading, high-tech immersive environment that gives each student up to 40 sandboxed, networked computers on which to use real malware in highly realistic scenarios that replicate their workplace.

PGI’s CEO Barry Roche said: “PGI has invested just under £5 million developing a Cyber Academy as knowledge, awareness and training are key to an organisation’s ability to defend itself against cyber attack. PGI’s Cyber Academy is unique in its environment and technology that allows people to immerse themselves in the latest threat methodologies; in bringing together individuals from a number of backgrounds; and in the range of courses that it offers.” The three GCT certified courses are:

Advanced Threat Methodology – which teaches IT professionals who have day-to-day responsibility for organisations’ networks to think like hackers

Operational Digital Forensics – which teaches IT professionals to become malware hunters and defenders

Cyber Security Awareness? – a two day course that gives board level executives and senior managers an appreciation of how cyber security applies to them The GCT scheme has been developed to help individuals and businesses identify cyber training courses that meet their needs through an independent assessment of their content, quality and alignment with both the IISP cyber skills framework and the standards GCHQ uses to assess Masters degrees in information security.

Brian Lord OBE, Managing Director of PGI’s Cyber division said: “We are delighted GCHQ has certified three of our courses. Recent events show that boards need to understand the nature of the threat and how to mitigate it. Our Cyber Security Awareness course gives executives a non-technical understanding of the issues and allows them to give their shareholders and clients a sense of reassurance that not many companies can offer. Our Advanced Threat Methodology and Operational Digital Forensics courses have been developed in concert with our US partners ParrotLabs – whose courses are in extensive use across the US government. These give organisations self-sufficiency in technical skills – such as intrusion detection, forensic analysis, malware analysis and incident response – that enable them to counter many of the threats that they face. The GCT accreditation assures attendees and their companies that they are getting the best return on their investment in training and are as protected as possible in an uncertain threat landscape.”

Sebastian Madden, PGI’s Group Director for Cyber and Technology added: “Governments and law enforcement agencies around the world want more than technology. They want national capability and capability transfer. That means training – training their staff, training their trainers, and, ultimately, creating their own national cyber academies.”

PGI’s chairman Vice Admiral Sir Tim McClement KCB, OBE concluded: “There is a huge gap globally between the number of people who need to deal with cyber threats and the number of people who are qualified to do so. PGI is delighted to be working with GCHQ and the APM group on this important initiative which points employers, and employees, and even governments towards companies that have been independently assessed as reaching the high standards set by the UK Government.”

Notes to editors Protection Group International (PGI) is a privately owned UK business offering integrated, intelligence-led risk management training solutions to combat the growing cyber threat. PGI specialises globally in the secure protection of its clients’ assets: human, physical, legal, intellectual property, financial and operational. PGI’s Cyber Academy was launched by Home Office Minister Karen Bradley MP on 22 September 2014 ( It has developed advanced cyber training courses and leads the market in immersive training methodologies. It is the only training environment of its kind available to students on a commercial basis anywhere in the world. Located just off the M5 near Bristol its tailored range of courses is aimed specifically at those organisations and individuals who work to protect organisations from the growing threat of cyber-attacks.

PGI’s Cyber Security Division (PGI Strontium) is one of only a few companies to have met the highly stringent criteria for accreditation with the internationally respected Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST). All its core cyber staff are trained and accredited to a high standard and where necessary have relevant UK government backgrounds and experience.

GCHQ announced that three of PGI’s courses were amongst the first eleven courses to be certified under GCHQ's Certified Cyber Training Scheme (GCT). The three courses are:

Advanced Threat Methodology – A course which teaches IT professionals who have day-to-day responsibility for organisations’ networks to think like hackers meaning that they build, configure and administer networks in ways which address common failings that most attacks exploit. It is a valuable conversion course for IT staff who wish to change careers into the cyber security profession.

Operational Digital Forensics – The Operational Digital Forensics course teaches IT professionals to become malware hunters and defenders. The course enables them to know what looks suspicious and which tools to use to investigate and identify malware at a forensic level. It ensures they provide an effective first line of response in the early phases of an attack.

Cyber Security Awareness – This two day course is designed for board level executives and senior managers from both public and commercial sector organisations, to allow them to appreciate how the issues of cyber security in a digitally enabled environment applies to them and their roles. It is designed specifically for those from a non-IT or Information Security background who need to shape and determine their organisation’s strategy and investment in this area.

Further information can be found at About PGI’s Partnership with ParrotLabs

PGI, KEYW and Hexis Cyber Solutions announced their partnership to provide advanced cyber training and cybersecurity Solutions on 19 December 2013 ( Under this agreement, PGI offers customised versions of KEYW’s ParrotLabs’ advanced cyber training curriculum to corporate, critical infrastructure, government, and law enforcement customers across the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

KEYW provides agile cyber superiority, cybersecurity, and geospatial intelligence solutions for U.S. Government intelligence and defense customers and commercial enterprises. It creates solutions by combining services and expertise with hardware, software, and proprietary technology to meet customers' requirements. Further information can be found at:

Ends For more information about PGI and images to illustrate this release please contact: PGI Customer Services 0207 8872 2699

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