Lessons Learned From Hacked Organisations

20 Oct 2015

Lessons Learned From Hacked Organisations

Has your business been hacked? Contact PGI Cyber’s Incident Response team, a service that will limit the impact of a cyber security breach, identify the current and future threats and offer advice in how to better defend yourself in the future.

When a client suffers a cyber security breach it is usually their data that is being hacked, stolen, leaked or just lost. By contacting the experts at PGI we assist in identifying the threat, gather and analyse the data that will show how the breach happened and point to a threat actor.  We then advise and provide services to stop it from happening again and secure any other areas of weakness (there is usually more than one).

We also run education programs to help the staff, (involved or not) in how these incidents happen.  This is a large area that is usually missed off from a security review programme.

After dealing with a number of incidents, PGI’s Jim Wheeler asked some of our clients to explain how they felt and what the hard lessons they learnt during the process were.

As you can imagine, being breached feels similar to being burgled. A breach is an invasion of privacy and can lead to a lack of trust in the security and integrity of your communication methods.

Below is a list of the top five lessons that victims of a cyber security breach learned.

1. Get help quick, quicker than you think, like now!

The minute you suspect, ACT. Contact the experts. If you think your emails have been breached DON’T use them to call for help!  Use a separate email (set up an account on a different system just for the incident).  But do it fast. Speed is of the essence to address the issue and reduces the effort needed to clear it up.

2. Fess up.

Some of our clients have had the best and speediest results when they confess to having some worries about a certain business system or procedure. Honesty is the best policy, security companies are built on integrity.

3. There is no shame

All companies have or will suffer a breach, you are not the first, you are not the only one and it is very rarely one person’s fault.  Like any other taboos, once you start talking about it, it becomes normalised and you end up having many conversations with others that start with “you know one time we had a…”

4. The “it will probably just go away” plan isn’t going to work.

Yes, this is very similar to the first point, but if you leave it alone it won’t go away, it won’t get better. 

5. It does get better

Once you begin to deal with the issue you will begin to feel better about it, once our clients hear the calm voices and depth of knowledge of our Incident Specialists you will know you are in safe hands and we will get you back to business as usual as fast as we can.

Don’t become a target, invest in protection and seek the advice of the professionals such as those at  PGI Cyber.

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