Demand for Cyber Security Professionals Increases But the Skills Gap Remains

16 Sep 2015

Demand for Cyber Security Professionals Increases But the Skills Gap Remains

A report released earlier this week suggests that demand for cyber security professionals has soared over the past few months, but businesses are struggling to recruit due to the skills shortage in the sector.

Thanks to recent high profile hacks such as those carried out against Ashley Madison and Sony Pictures, demand for cyber security professionals has jumped sharply. The report compiled by Professional services consultancy Procorre, also showed that cyber security roles now make up 14% of all advertised UK-based IT roles.

Another reason why businesses and organisations have increased their demand is also down to changes in regulations.  

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) already imposes maximum fines of £500,000 for any data breaches. New European Union (EU) laws are also in the pipeline that could potentially lead to fines of up to €100 million or 5% of a businesses worldwide revenue. The new European Data Protection Directive, is due to be implemented by the end of 2015. The new directive will require all businesses to report any data breaches. Currently the reporting of a breach is not mandatory.

Despite the increased awareness of the need for improved cyber security, many businesses are discovering that there is a huge shortage in the number of skilled cyber security professionals.  The skills shortage is so bad that the lack of cybersecurity skills has been classed as the biggest problem faced by the IT industry for 4 years in a row.

Universities are trying to fill the skills gap, but it will be years before there are enough graduates to adequately satisfy demand. 

PGI Aims to Close the Skills Gap

PGI aims to be a major contributor in the struggle to close the skills gap in the cyber security sector. At our state of the art Cyber Academy based in Bristol we implement our winning approach: “Understand, test, monitor, respond, educate” 

All of our instructors are established cyber-security professionals, holding both leading industry certificates and have a wealth of real world experience.

Whether you are a small company or a large organisation, we have the skills, experience and expertise to offer businesses and governments tailored solutions that will make the difference in closing the skills gap.

Don’t become a target, invest in protection and seek the advice of the professionals at PGI Cyber.


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