Beware Fake Smartphone Apps

27 Aug 2015

Beware Fake Smartphone Apps

The advent of smartphones also saw the creation of apps. From social media to streaming movies and everything in between, apps have become a major part of our lives and as a result have become something for criminals to exploit.

One of the easiest ways for hackers to get into your phone is to trick you into downloading a fake app. A prime example of this was the plethora of clones of the stupidly hard and addictive game Flappy Bird. Due to its huge success and popularity hackers saw an opportunity. Before long app stores were flooded with fake versions of the game.

Avoid App Clones

The original game may not have remained available for long but it was enough time for hundreds of clones. According to McAfee, hundreds of the Flappy Bird clones were available and remain in app stores today. The company said that it had tested 300 of the clones and found that nearly 80% of them contained Malware.  

Many smartphone users who had downloaded one of the fakes found that their devices were now infected by malicious software which caused damage to them, in the worst case the malware took full control of the device and rendered them unusable.  

How to avoid Malware infected Apps

Avoiding harmful apps is mostly down to common sense. Before downloading an app always check the app creator’s name, the apps description and read reviews. If an app has one star reviews and warnings from other users then avoid it like the plague.  Even if an app looks legit make sure to now grant it permission to access all parts of your phone, always read any terms and conditions.

With the wide arrange of cyber threats out there that are targeting smart devices you should also always use mobile anti-virus software.

Don’t become a target or victim of cybercrime. Seek the advice of the professionals at PGI Cyber.

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