10 Ways to look after your Information

15 Sep 2015

10 Ways to look after your Information

Information is important to all businesses and must be protected. Cyber criminals often try to get their hands on financial, customer or staff details. If they are successful, the damage that can be inflicted upon a company can be massive on both a monetary and reputational front.

This article looks at some of the simple ways to protect your information.

1 – Lock it up

Whenever you leave your laptop, PC, tablet or phone unattended make sure they are locked. Ideally you should never leave them unattended at all but sometimes that can be unavoidable. Portable devices such as USB sticks and external hard drives should always be put in a safe location, never leave them out in the open if you are not around. Make sure to password protect all of your devices and use strong passwords that will be difficult for a hacker to crack, but one that you can remember without writing down.


02 – Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When discussing confidential information be aware of your surroundings and ensure that you cannot be overheard. When printing sensitive documents make sure the printer is password protected. Always ensure to pick up the printed material straight away and never leave it lying about in the open. When sending emails or letters, double check that you are using the correct address before sending.


03 – Sending Information

When sending information ensure that it is protected by using strong passwords and encryptions. Double check that you are sending the information to the correct recipient. Double or even triple check if necessary.

04 - Who needs to know?

Before sending out information stop and think. Who needs to know? Does this information need to be shared? If it doesn’t then don’t send it.

05 – Destroying Sensitive Data

Make sure that you dispose of data, do not leave the information around for someone to find. Ensure that you delete the information once you’ve finished with it. Shred documents, wipe boards clean after use and get rid of any used flip chart paper. Don’t be lazy, dispose of data properly!

06 –Tough to crack?

Many people continue to use weak and easy to crack passwords, make sure you are not one of them. Ensure that the password is hard to crack, and never ever write it down.

07 – Be Discrete

Only share information with the relevant people and when you do make sure you do so discretely.


08 – ID or no ID? That is the question


I.D badges exist for a reason. Anyone you see not wearing an I.D should be challenged, and any visitors should be accompanied at all times.


09 – Stick to the rules!


Company policy and rules exist for a very good reason, follow them. They are in place to protect computer systems, sensitive information, customers and most importantly, staff.


10 – Do something about it.

If you see anything suspicious report it. Security is everyone’s responsibility, and yes that includes you! Always be vigilant and ensure that you always think about security when using, storing or disposing of information.


Don’t become a target, invest in protection and seek the advice of the professionals at PGI Cyber.


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