Penetration Testing

Testing for Technical Vulnerabilities that
could be Exploited

What is a Penetration Test/ IT Health Check?

Penetration Testing evaluates the security of a system or network and reports on any vulnerabilities that could lead to a business impact.

It is the most effective way of demonstrating how attackers identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities as well as how these vulnerabilities could be leveraged to gain further access.

An IT Health Check is an enhanced Penetration Test required by government departments, other public bodies and certain companies connected to government systems.

It involves much of the same processes and outcomes as a Penetration Test, but is recognised and mandated by the UK Government.


Why Penetration Testing should be top of your priority list

Most cyber criminals use existing flaws to access systems. It is essential you know how many of these vulnerabilities you have, where they are and how to mitigate them.

Penetration Testing is a standard security procedure and is increasingly becoming required in commercial contracts

Having an IT Health Check shows a level of compliance the government expects from thier suppliers. If you work with the government an IT Health Check is advised.

Penetration tests can vastly reduce your risk profile and contribute greatly to the protection of your income, resources, clients and reputation.

Any organisation with a large web presence or a large remote access by staff, clients or public should invest in a penetration test.

Regular Penetration Tests will be one of the criteria required by the new GDPR Guidelines in May 2018

Penetration Testing Products

If a device or network has electrons running through it, PGI can penetration test it.
PGI penetration testing services include but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure Testing
  • Desktop Build Testing
  • Wireless Testing
  • Server Build Testing
  • Network Testing

Product & Pricing

Price Inclusive
Penetration Testing
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   Bespoke security testing

   Detailed report findings and remediation activities

   High level executive overview
IT Health Check
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PGI are dedicated to improving the cyber security environment and believe every business should have access to quality services to support this. Therefore, we have adopted a pricing strategy to demonstrate our commitment to providing high quality services, delivered at reasonable prices.

We believe In pricing regimes that don’t deter and discourage small (and large) businesses from protecting themselves.

Our Penetration Testing Process

Qualified Penetration Tester

All penetration testing undertaken by PGI is performed by certified penetration testers who follow the same tried and tested methodologies used by both the private sector and public sector which are considered some of the best methodologies available.

Penetration testing is a manual process which will always have a minimum of one dedicated penetration tester working on the test attempting to find and exploit vulnerabilities on the device or network.

Extensive Reports on all devices

All penetration testing undertaken by PGI comes with an extensive report on the security posture of the devices tested. The reports are split into three sections to be used by different teams within the organisation.

The first part of the report is aimed at executives, this part of the report gives an overview of the results found in non-technical language which is understandable to non-IT or security personal.

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